The Brief Introduction to Alphagalactosidase

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Alphagalactosidase (-galactosidase, EC, from Aspergillus niger, is a glycoside hydrolase, an exoglycosidase that catalyzes the water of -galactosidate, which is decomposed by energy. Melibiose, also known as melibiase, can be used to improve and eliminate anti-nutritional ingredients in feed and soy foods. It can realize BO blood group transformation, prepare a universal blood type, and play an important role in enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease in the medical field. It can also act on complex polysaccharides containing galactosidic linkages and glycoproteins. And sheath sugar. Alpha Galactosidase also has a transgalactosylation effect in the case where the substrate concentration is highly enriched, and this feature can be used for the synthesis of a terpene polyester and the preparation of a cyclodextrin derivative. Alpha-galactosidase is a non-side-effect biological enzyme preparation for the development of functional foods and has been certified as a safe substance by the FDA, GRAS, WHO/FAP, and JACFA. It can effectively catalyze glycosidic linkages and hydrolyze other anti-nutritional factors, reduce the incidence of digestive viscosity and diarrhea, and eliminate vegetative and animal bloating.

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